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Check Your Personal Trainer Has The Right Qualification

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Exercise is the key to good health. In order to achieve the ideal height and weight balance it is important to not only follow a balanced diet but also to exercise frequently. You can either choose to go for regular runs and walks or join a bootcamp. Gyms are also a great place to exercise.

In all though, the benefits of hiring a personal trainer in Australia are several.

Many people today choose to hire personal trainers to help them achieve their fitness goals. Read on to know how a personal trainer in Australia can help you.

Flexible timings
By hiring a personal trainer Australia you can opt to pick your own convenient time to exercise. Most working professionals find it hard to make time to pay a visit to the gym. The greatest feature of hiring your own trainer is the option of flexibility. This feature in fact motivates people to work out on a regular basis.

Customized work-outs
When you join a bootcamp or gym, you have to primarily perform the exercises that the trainer is teaching to others or use the existing equipment without any modification. In certain cases, to achieve fitness goals faster it is important to customize work-out schedules. Your own Australia personal trainer will do exactly that.

Trainers first assess the person’s physical capability and then decide what exercises would suit them best. Furthermore, they keep a constant watch of the person’s progress. If after a few weeks or months there is no evident progress the trainer will change the routine again.

Personal attention
Sometimes, in order to achieve your weight loss goals you will need the constant focus and attention of your trainer. One of the greatest advantages of hiring personal trainers in Australia lies in this. When a qualified trainer is regularly teaching you new exercises and constantly urging you to perform your routine, it will help you lose your excess weight and tone your body.

This undivided attention will help a person maintain long-term fitness goals too. Most celebrities choose to hire personal trainers as a result of this.

Motivation and advice
A personal trainer in Australia will not only focus on teaching you new exercises, he will also motivate you to perform your routine. Furthermore, the trainer will constantly share advice regarding health maintenance and diet tips to ensure overall progress.

Ensured results
By hiring a professional trainer, you are practically assured of results. In most cases, those who join gyms or bootcamps take more time to lose excess weight. That is because there is great lack of motivation and commitment.

If you have a professional trainer on your back all the time, it will ensure positive results and that too within a shorter period of time. Click here to find out if this program would suit you.

Quality training
The quality of the personal training you receive under the guidance of your own instructor will be far superior to any other. On the whole it definitely makes greater sense to opt for a personal trainer if you are impatient yet committed to losing excess weight. Ensure your personal trainer holds the CIII fitness qualification, this is the minimum qualification your personal trainer should have.

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Join A 6 Week Challenge For 6 Pack Abs

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Exercise itself is quite difficult and shedding abdominal fat is more so. In fact, the abdomen is one of the major regions of the body where fat molecules accumulate; making you look bloated in the middle. No matter how hard you work out, it is always difficult to shed fat from this region of the body.

This is precisely why you must have a comprehensive exercise plan that includes workouts, diet and rest if you want to flaunt six-pack abs. Yes, there are no shortcuts on how to get 6 pack abs regular exercise and proper meal planning is your only way of reaching your goal safely and effectively.

Creating a Diet Plan 

The basic aim of your 6 pack abs diet should be to reduce the intake of empty calories and increase the intake of healthy food that strengthens muscles and burns fat. Intake of calories should always be less than its requirement for various metabolic functions. Calculate how much calories you burn during regular activities and draw a diet chart accordingly.


Your 6 pack abs workout should always include movement patterns that work your entire core muscles, include flexion, extension and rotation exercise in your abs workout. You can find more great workouts at:

Food Groups to Avoid 

Do remember that there are certain food groups that must never feature in your 6 pack abs diet plan if you want to see quick results in measurable time.

Processed Food

You may have a hectic schedule with little time to cook diet meals but if you want to reach you fitness goals you must avoid all types of processed food. Such food retains little nutritional value as it undergoes elaborate processing. A lot of artificial flavours and preservatives are also used to make such food tasty and increase its shelf life.

Fried Food

This is another category of food that is the bane of weight watchers and those who are serious about getting abs and finding the quickest way to gain muscle. Fried food is loaded with trans fat that are quickly assimilated in the body and stored as fat tissues. It is high in calorie and increases your cholesterol level too. Always avoid fried food is you want to flaunt ribbed abs. Visit for some great tips.

Artificial Sweetener

Limited intake of artificial sweetener may be alright but do not overdo it. Excessive intake of even artificial sweeteners can lead to craving for sugar; making you susceptible to sweet items. Since not every sweet item is made using artificial sugar, this means you automatically consume more calories whenever you pop a sweet food into your mouth.

Precooked Diet Meals

Many exercisers consider such meals to be the ideal option for a quick dinner or lunch. However, even such preparations should be avoided if you want six-pack abs. There always some amount of processing involved in preparing such food which makes them unhealthy.

Soda or Soft Drinks

Such drinks are loaded with empty calories that increase your weight dramatically. Soda and soft drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners that make you obese over time. Pure water is all you need if you want to really lose belly fat fast and achieve ribbed abs.

Whole Milk

Whole milk is rich in calcium but it is also rich in fat. Never consume whole milk if you are trying to tone your belly region. Instead, make skimmed milk or 1% milk an integral part of your how to get 6 pack abs fast diet. This milk has most of the fat content removed without compromising on the nutritional value. The 6 Week Body will give you full meal plans, nutrition plans and won’t leave you guessing.

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Kettlebell Training Tips

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With the ever-growing interest in fitness training, there is always a requirement for good personal trainers. So it is important that as a personal trainer you are able to not only have a list of clients, you should also be ahead in your qualifications, training skills, expertise and marketing online techniques. The competition is stiff.

Develop an edge
As mentioned above there is no dearth of personal trainers in the fitness business. To get an edge over other trainers you need to find out how and where your skills are/could be better. You may be better on the training side or better at marketing yourself. Once you know your strengths you can use them to get that all important edge. Another way is to enrol in new cutting-edge training certifications. When you register for a Fitness Australia kettlebell certification, you can be rest assured that the content will be amazing!

Make ‘success’ your target
Routine practising of fitness training can become just that – a routine chore. You should try and avoid getting into such a rut. Instead, absorb the latest ideas and techniques available in the market and apply them to your work. This may not always be easy due to different restrictions. But if you mentally build up a picture of the type of trainer you wish to be, such a positive frame of mind could become a reality. Think success and you will succeed.

Avoid being a copy-cat
If you observe another personal trainer who has built up a good clientele because of his skills and techniques, do not try a blind copy-cat method of training. Whether it is copying his website, workouts, marketing or personal style it makes you just that – a copy cat.

Clients too would soon realise that the training they are getting are much too similar to what they may have already experienced or read about, and feel they are not getting the real deal. What you need to do is establish your own identity and skills as a personal trainer, an email marketing approach that will spell success. You can get more fitness marketing ideas at:

Kettlebell Workouts

A Quick Guide to Kettlebell Deadlift

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A Quick Guide to Kettlebell Deadlift

The kettlebell deadlift is one of the fundamental workouts that all beginners should master. It forms part of several other complex workouts and by itself, is extremely beneficial in helping your muscles develop naturally. It is therefore imperative for you as a trainer to ensure that your clients can do the deadlift correctly before moving on to more challenging workouts.

You can learn all about the deadlift and its different variations during your kettlebell courses. More on kettlebell courses at Online Fitness Courses!

Load of Kettlebells

Understanding the Kettlebell Deadlift

As mentioned above, the deadlift is one of the fundamental exercises that you can practice regularly. The deadlift corrects the posture, creates more motor patterns and helps you measure your progression better than any other workout.

The deadlift is one of the best workouts for beginners who have never worked with kettlebells before.

Doing the Deadlift Correctly

Start in a standing position and do a hip hinge. A hip hinge is a posture where you bend at the hips and not your lower back. Your butt remains slightly thrust outward at the back and the knees remain straight. Basically, the thrust comes from the correct movement of your hips and you engage the glute muscles as you stand up. You should learn to do the hip hinge correctly during your kettlebell qualification.

Remember to keep a straight spine throughout the workout and don’t stick out your neck too much. You upper body should remain horizontal to the floor so that it can overcome the challenge of lifting the kettlebell.

Once you have mastered the hip hinge, you are ready to start with the kettlebell deadlift.

Position the kettlebell with its handle in perfect alignment with the back of the arch of your feet. Place both arms along the sides and flex your core, shoulders and hips.

Now do the hip hinge and grab the kettlebell with both hands and lift it by the thrust of your hips till thigh level. Lower it to the floor by doing the hip hinge and repeat.

Kettlebell Deadlift Variations

You will learn about several variations of the kettlebell deadlift during your kettlebell courses. You can add these to your sessions to make them more challenging and enjoyable for your clients.

The Suitcase Deadlift

Begin by keeping feet at a distance lesser than shoulder width and point toes forward. Now do the hip hinge, taking care so that the keens should not be ahead of the toes. Reach for the kettlebell and flex your lateral muscles for added support. Maintain a straight spine and look straight ahead. Dig in your toes through the floor and stand holding the kettlebell. Remember not to lift the kettlebell in a sideway motion.

The Kick Stand Deadlift

This deadlift variation is ideal for those who want to work with heavier kettlebells. Begin by place feet close together and position the kettlebell just beyond your feet. Position one foot on the floor and stand on your toes on the other foot. Inhale deeply and grab the kettlebell with both hands by doing the hip hinge. Flex the lats, maintain a neutral spine and look ahead. Now thrust hips forward and lift the kettlebell and stand up.

Fitness Certifications

Essential Features Your Fitness Website Must Have

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People in today’s world use an internet search to make purchasing decision, so they have started to expect a website out of any legitimate business. You can build a fitness marketing website for your business, but the trick lies in how you are going to make the people to like it. Here are a few compelling features that you have to take care in order to hook in more clients to your fitness business. When you enrol in a personal training certification always make sure they offer a business component, the European Personal Training Institute teach their students how to dominate Google.


Sport a Good Fitness Website Design

Your website design should be simple and professional. It should clearly convey all the information regarding the different kinds of workouts, pricing, and additional benefits. Use easily identifiable headlines to highlight the information and to navigate through the website. Choose a perfect background color, images, and videos. The speed of your website is also an important factor that is valued by Google, so do not make extensive use of flash, animation, and music.

Build Trust on Your Expertise

When a potential client visits your website, you need to impress and convert them as your clients. You can gain a visitor’s trust by giving them a glimpse of your expertise by displaying your relevant qualifications or certifications. Your achievements in the forms of awards or honors will establish your credibility.

Inspire Using Success Stories and Testimonials

It is very easy for your clients to get distracted in the middle of their race to gain fitness, you have to keep them inspired in order to retain them. The best way to inspire would be to build a community, share success stories and testimonies of your clients. It will help your clients to gain confidence and insights into the type of service that is been offered. An image of your client before and after your physical training will greatly hook in many clients.

Free Tools and Tips

People are always looking in for ways to gauge their fitness and to calculate the increased sets of workouts to burn more calories. A tip on the diet routine or to select the perfect shoe for the workout will attract the clients. You can also include tools like BMI calculator, calorie counters, etc to fascinate them.

Group Fitness

Join a Gold Coast Group Fitness Program

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If you have opted for a Gold Coast group fitness program, you may want to ensure your choice of program. With an increase in health and fitness consciousness in people, the number of fitness programs that has sprouted is in plenty. To make sure that you have enrolled or intend to enroll into an optimal program, you may need to watch out for the presence of certain essentials in a group fitness program. These criteria are listed below:

1. Any fitness training program should comprise of cardiovascular fitness or endurance. This system contains the blood vessels and the heart that supplies blood and oxygen to the entire body. Cardiovascular fitness refers to the body’s efficiency to supply blood and oxygen to the muscles that work during an extended activity. Aerobic exercises are ideal here.

2. Achieving balance is important. These activities include working out while you balance on one leg, making use of a BOSU or a stability ball. You may take tips from your boot camp Gold Coast trainer. He may also suggest you to stand on one leg or sit on a stability ball even if you are not exercising to work on your body balance.

fitness training programs

3. Most  Gold Coast bootcamp programs essentially lack focus on flexibility. Flexibility refers to the ability to move the joints through a complete normal range of motion. Stretching exercises help in improving flexibility. The other exercises that could be followed include pilates, yoga and Tai Chi. Both dynamic (moves a joint through its complete range of motion that is available) and static stretching (taking the muscle to its point of tension and holding it there for a minimum of 20 seconds) are important.

4. Muscular endurance can be built by doing both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. This is actually the ability of the muscle or a muscle group to repeat a movement multiple times or to hold a position for a long time.

5. Strength or resistance training is the set of activities that are developed to strengthen the muscles. This could be done through tubing or resistance bands or using weights. It is usually recommended to do strength training for at least two days every week by working out every muscle group through 8 to 10 exercises. At least 8 to 10 repetitions must be included.

Besides these benefits, group fitness Gold Coast programs could also concentrate on muscular strength, agility, speed, body composition, reaction time, co-ordination, power etc.

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ThreeTips to Stay Fit with Personal Training

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Water therapy
Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water a day is a must for everyone interested in keeping their body fit and healthy. Water is a wonder liquid that removes the toxins from the body and keeps your body totally hydrated. Dehydration can rob your body’s energy and make it weak. Women should drink 2.2 liters of water and men should drink 3 liters of water every day. At Marbella, the trainers ensure that you drink lots of water during, before and after workouts. In the diet chart provided by them, they make sure that you understand the importance of drinking water.

Marbella Personal Training

If you want to look and feel fit, if you want to lead a healthy life and if you want to be there for your family for a long time, it is time you took up some form of exercising. Joining a boot camp is a great way to reduce weight and become fit.  If you have accumulated oodles of weight over a period of time and want to burn it but do not want to stay cooped up in an exercise room, then Marbella Personal Training is the place for you.  Here, your training will happen in the open using unique gears like tires, med balls, basketballs and hula hoops. Using boxing, dancing and running for muscle toning and weight reduction is also their specialty. The greatest advantage is that you will not feel bored here. Exercises are custom made for you.

Exercise and diet go hand in hand while you are on the voyage of weight reduction. If you want to reduce weight and tone your muscles then the best solution is to watch your eating habits.  Exercising, tones your muscles and dieting reduces the unnecessary fats in the body, in other words, it burns the excess fats in the body.  At Marbella personal training, you are given a diet chart that shows you the proper way of eating. Personal trainers here, ensure that you include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. You are advised to have five small meals instead of three large ones.

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How to Choose the Best Personal Trainer?

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The entire world has become conscious about fitness and people are ready to take genuine steps in order to fulfill their wish to be fit and healthy. There are a few exercises which you can do on your own.

However, if you opt to do it in a gym or through any fitness centre you should be critical in choosing your personal trainer because their knowledge about the techniques to train you is a very important factor for you to consider.

There are some essential points you should enquire about them before you go ahead.

Educational Background

You should try and help yourself to get trained by a genuine fitness coach from Dangerously Fit Personal Training by doing a proper research on their educational background regarding fitness. You should ask them to show you their valid certificates and a letter of recommendation from their fitness academy.

Do not take this step lightly because doing a research on this matter will show you how qualified your trainer is.

Fitness training includes a lot of muscular movements and it uses sophisticated equipment for various exercises. You cannot take the risk of training under someone who does not have a proper understanding of the required techniques.

Choose the Best Personal Trainer

Client Feedback

It’s the most logical thing to check the feedbacks of the previous trainees of your personal trainer when considering Dangerously Fit online fitness programs. Their remarks are probably going to help you in making the right decision.

Doing this is essential because knowing these things will show you how much can he actually help you in your achieving your fitness goals. You need to make sure that he holds a good record as a fitness trainer.

His Schedule

You should be able to figure out the work schedule of Dangerously Fit Personal Training. He will have different trainees to cater to. You should try to get an appointment on the days he can give you quality time to workout. You are also responsible for keeping up with the timings given by him and bring about the desired results by working together and being motivated.


You should try and figure out where your personal trainer is located because if you have the inclination towards being lazy then you might miss out on your training sessions if in case the fitness centre is not near you.

A traffic jam on your way can cause delays. There are possibilities wherein the trainer can be appointed to visit your home given that you have a personal gym and this solely depends upon your budget.

Your Budget

There are different fitness packages given to you by a personal trainer according to the money you can invest. So, you should see that you go for the one which is possible within your budget.

To have a good personal trainer and a good amount of motivation from yourself will surely help you to attain the results faster and in a better way. You just need to work hard and make the right decisions.