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A Guide to Choosing the Right CrossFit Class

Posted by Toni Young on

CrossFit training is a type of group physical training camp that is conducted by physical trainers, gyms or former military personnel. These programs are designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of exercise sessions.

The term CrossFit is popular these days and is used to promote fat loss, fitness and team spirit within its members. Beginners or advanced, kettlebell workouts are now available for all levels of fitness from basic to advance to intense; one should consider the following factors when selecting a CrossFit training workout.

Your fitness goal
The first and foremost thing is what you want to achieve at the end of the camp. Do you want to lose fat or build up muscles? CrossFit workouts are meant for fitness. Initially set your goal so that you stick to it when you start working out. Also make your goal clear to your kettlebell instructor. After all, there is no point in going to a stretch, run and cool down camp when you want to build muscles.

Plan Ahead
Plan as to which fitness training in Ulladulla you are going to attend, according to your goal. Attend some practice session before joining for the unlimited classes. This will give you a glimpse of what you are going to face in the final showdown. Keep in mind the fitness level you are ready for. Do not enroll yourself into an advance level regime, if you are a first timer.

Do not enroll into a CrossFit group just because you want to or you found it to be the latest or the personal trainer looks so fit. CrossFit training must be loaded with testimonials of people who have attended and of course, positive testimonials.

Look for a physical trainer who has qualification to handle group activities as well as experience to work with different body types. Don’t just stick to some camp for the sake of advertisement. Due to social media, the internet is flooded with cool advertisements, but you may find the finest to be under publicized.

After all the homework is done and you are ready, mentally and physically, to take on the pounding; it’s better to let your coaches know of any injuries that you carry. There are some trainers who I’d say, ‘Yell like hell’ and some who will make you push to the limit without actually shouting. Informed consent of the injury is always helpful in programming your workout sessions.

The team at CrossFit Ulladulla will ensure you get the very most out of your CrossFit workout, check out The Movement Zone Ulladulla.

Talk your way out with your CrossFit trainer so that he can keep you motivated. Enroll for a comfortable time of the day. If you not are a morning person then getting up for a morning workout will keep you passive throughout the day; select a suitable time when you can be available regularly for a workout.

Finding the right CrossFit is the key to your future fitness. So, go the extra mile and take all the necessary steps required to find the right place to start you fitness journey. If you have a knee injury then feel free to share those facts and then you may not want to join a camp that mostly depends on running.

Check whether the schedule has variety of exercises to keep you motivated rather than the same thing every day. Happiness is the key to achieve success in whatever you do. Remember if you are not happy with the workout you will not be able to achieve your desired goals. Be happy, stay fit.

Fitness Certifications

Enrolling in a Steel Mace Or Clubbell Certification?

Posted by Toni Young on

Follow these tips…

The road to fitness is not easy. It is just like taming an elephant, easy to buy but difficult to feed. We often plan for a lazy day’s break which turns into week and then we find ourselves in a whole dilemma; oops! It has been so long I haven’t worked out.

Sticking to your fitness plan with your steel mace & clubbell certification course for personal trainers is one thing, but being motivated about it gives you a whole lot of new experience. It keeps you recharged to keep your fitness mantra alive. Some tips to keep yourself motivated for your fitness are penned down:

There are many things you will learn during your steel mace certification, here are some of the most important;

Remember why you started
There is always a turning point from the usual flow of our lives when we turn to fitness. Never forget that goal; keep it burning. Do not let yourself down to other not-so-important popcorn with movie things.

Maintain a log
Jotting down all you diet and workout plans and executing them will let you supervise your own schedule. You can do it yourself or ask your online personal trainer to do it for you. You can also keep a calendar that is totally dedicated to you fitness schedules. Whenever you skip workout a day put a big red cross on that day. Continuous two or three red crosses will motivate you to workout continuously.

Buddy up
Get yourself a buddy. This will keep you motivated to go and workout and even look forward to hang out with your fitness friend. A buddy can be anybody, an online personal trainer at the gym, your colleague who plays the same game as you or your neighbor who may like to accompany you for a squash game. Buddying up usually keeps you away from that lonely laziness and motivates you to bring the good out of you.

Make a schedule
Working out in the morning is the best way to start a day. It is very easy to make plans for an evening workout and skip to the couch watching movies with an excuse that the day has been exhaustive at work. Maintain a daily schedule of training with the clubbell, allot a particular and convenient time of the day for your body which belongs only to you.

Bribe yourself
Make plan of going out somewhere you would like to be with your fitness buddies or your online personal trainer; say a small night out or something. Keep a balance between workout and delicious food. That way you’ll be looking forward to the plans as the reward for your workout and who doesn’t like rewards.

Make a backup plan
Keep a couple of weight pounds at home and a regular exercise mat. Whenever you feel like you cannot go to the gym just have some “lazy day” stretch of your body at home. That way you won’t completely skip the workout as a whole

Think about your doubters
Training with clubbells is always a treat to prove your doubters wrong. Think about how your success will affect those negative thinkers. Be prepared for the glory you are going to achieve. People would be like wow! You did it; I doubted that (silly me).

Keep those fitness fires burning!
It wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider enrolling in a steel clubbell course. If you would like more information on how to become a fully certified steel mace instructor, visit

Fitness Certifications

Check Your Personal Trainer Has The Right Qualification

Posted by Toni Young on

Exercise is the key to good health. In order to achieve the ideal height and weight balance it is important to not only follow a balanced diet but also to exercise frequently. You can either choose to go for regular runs and walks or join a bootcamp. Gyms are also a great place to exercise.

In all though, the benefits of hiring a personal trainer in Australia are several.

Many people today choose to hire personal trainers to help them achieve their fitness goals. Read on to know how a personal trainer in Australia can help you.

Flexible timings
By hiring a personal trainer Australia you can opt to pick your own convenient time to exercise. Most working professionals find it hard to make time to pay a visit to the gym. The greatest feature of hiring your own trainer is the option of flexibility. This feature in fact motivates people to work out on a regular basis.

Customized work-outs
When you join a bootcamp or gym, you have to primarily perform the exercises that the trainer is teaching to others or use the existing equipment without any modification. In certain cases, to achieve fitness goals faster it is important to customize work-out schedules. Your own Australia personal trainer will do exactly that.

Trainers first assess the person’s physical capability and then decide what exercises would suit them best. Furthermore, they keep a constant watch of the person’s progress. If after a few weeks or months there is no evident progress the trainer will change the routine again.

Personal attention
Sometimes, in order to achieve your weight loss goals you will need the constant focus and attention of your trainer. One of the greatest advantages of hiring personal trainers in Australia lies in this. When a qualified trainer is regularly teaching you new exercises and constantly urging you to perform your routine, it will help you lose your excess weight and tone your body.

This undivided attention will help a person maintain long-term fitness goals too. Most celebrities choose to hire personal trainers as a result of this.

Motivation and advice
A personal trainer in Australia will not only focus on teaching you new exercises, he will also motivate you to perform your routine. Furthermore, the trainer will constantly share advice regarding health maintenance and diet tips to ensure overall progress.

Ensured results
By hiring a professional trainer, you are practically assured of results. In most cases, those who join gyms or bootcamps take more time to lose excess weight. That is because there is great lack of motivation and commitment.

If you have a professional trainer on your back all the time, it will ensure positive results and that too within a shorter period of time. Click here to find out if this program would suit you.

Quality training
The quality of the personal training you receive under the guidance of your own instructor will be far superior to any other. On the whole it definitely makes greater sense to opt for a personal trainer if you are impatient yet committed to losing excess weight. Ensure your personal trainer holds the CIII fitness qualification, this is the minimum qualification your personal trainer should have.