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Join a Gold Coast Group Fitness Program

Posted by Toni Young on

If you have opted for a Gold Coast group fitness program, you may want to ensure your choice of program. With an increase in health and fitness consciousness in people, the number of fitness programs that has sprouted is in plenty. To make sure that you have enrolled or intend to enroll into an optimal program, you may need to watch out for the presence of certain essentials in a group fitness program. These criteria are listed below:

1. Any fitness training program should comprise of cardiovascular fitness or endurance. This system contains the blood vessels and the heart that supplies blood and oxygen to the entire body. Cardiovascular fitness refers to the body’s efficiency to supply blood and oxygen to the muscles that work during an extended activity. Aerobic exercises are ideal here.

2. Achieving balance is important. These activities include working out while you balance on one leg, making use of a BOSU or a stability ball. You may take tips from your boot camp Gold Coast trainer. He may also suggest you to stand on one leg or sit on a stability ball even if you are not exercising to work on your body balance.

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3. Most  Gold Coast bootcamp programs essentially lack focus on flexibility. Flexibility refers to the ability to move the joints through a complete normal range of motion. Stretching exercises help in improving flexibility. The other exercises that could be followed include pilates, yoga and Tai Chi. Both dynamic (moves a joint through its complete range of motion that is available) and static stretching (taking the muscle to its point of tension and holding it there for a minimum of 20 seconds) are important.

4. Muscular endurance can be built by doing both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. This is actually the ability of the muscle or a muscle group to repeat a movement multiple times or to hold a position for a long time.

5. Strength or resistance training is the set of activities that are developed to strengthen the muscles. This could be done through tubing or resistance bands or using weights. It is usually recommended to do strength training for at least two days every week by working out every muscle group through 8 to 10 exercises. At least 8 to 10 repetitions must be included.

Besides these benefits, group fitness Gold Coast programs could also concentrate on muscular strength, agility, speed, body composition, reaction time, co-ordination, power etc.