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Essential Features Your Fitness Website Must Have

Posted by Toni Young on

People in today’s world use an internet search to make purchasing decision, so they have started to expect a website out of any legitimate business. You can build a fitness marketing website for your business, but the trick lies in how you are going to make the people to like it. Here are a few compelling features that you have to take care in order to hook in more clients to your fitness business. When you enrol in a personal training certification always make sure they offer a business component, the European Personal Training Institute teach their students how to dominate Google.


Sport a Good Fitness Website Design

Your website design should be simple and professional. It should clearly convey all the information regarding the different kinds of workouts, pricing, and additional benefits. Use easily identifiable headlines to highlight the information and to navigate through the website. Choose a perfect background color, images, and videos. The speed of your website is also an important factor that is valued by Google, so do not make extensive use of flash, animation, and music.

Build Trust on Your Expertise

When a potential client visits your website, you need to impress and convert them as your clients. You can gain a visitor’s trust by giving them a glimpse of your expertise by displaying your relevant qualifications or certifications. Your achievements in the forms of awards or honors will establish your credibility.

Inspire Using Success Stories and Testimonials

It is very easy for your clients to get distracted in the middle of their race to gain fitness, you have to keep them inspired in order to retain them. The best way to inspire would be to build a community, share success stories and testimonies of your clients. It will help your clients to gain confidence and insights into the type of service that is been offered. An image of your client before and after your physical training will greatly hook in many clients.

Free Tools and Tips

People are always looking in for ways to gauge their fitness and to calculate the increased sets of workouts to burn more calories. A tip on the diet routine or to select the perfect shoe for the workout will attract the clients. You can also include tools like BMI calculator, calorie counters, etc to fascinate them.