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Join A 6 Week Challenge For 6 Pack Abs

Posted by Toni Young on

Exercise itself is quite difficult and shedding abdominal fat is more so. In fact, the abdomen is one of the major regions of the body where fat molecules accumulate; making you look bloated in the middle. No matter how hard you work out, it is always difficult to shed fat from this region of the body.

This is precisely why you must have a comprehensive exercise plan that includes workouts, diet and rest if you want to flaunt six-pack abs. Yes, there are no shortcuts on how to get 6 pack abs regular exercise and proper meal planning is your only way of reaching your goal safely and effectively.

Creating a Diet Plan 

The basic aim of your 6 pack abs diet should be to reduce the intake of empty calories and increase the intake of healthy food that strengthens muscles and burns fat. Intake of calories should always be less than its requirement for various metabolic functions. Calculate how much calories you burn during regular activities and draw a diet chart accordingly.


Your 6 pack abs workout should always include movement patterns that work your entire core muscles, include flexion, extension and rotation exercise in your abs workout.

Food Groups to Avoid 

Do remember that there are certain food groups that must never feature in your 6 pack abs diet plan if you want to see quick results in measurable time.

Processed Food

You may have a hectic schedule with little time to cook diet meals but if you want to reach you fitness goals you must avoid all types of processed food. Such food retains little nutritional value as it undergoes elaborate processing. A lot of artificial flavours and preservatives are also used to make such food tasty and increase its shelf life.

Fried Food

This is another category of food that is the bane of weight watchers and those who are serious about getting abs and finding the quickest way to gain muscle. Fried food is loaded with trans fat that are quickly assimilated in the body and stored as fat tissues. It is high in calorie and increases your cholesterol level too. Always avoid fried food is you want to flaunt ribbed abs.

Artificial Sweetener

Limited intake of artificial sweetener may be alright but do not overdo it. Excessive intake of even artificial sweeteners can lead to craving for sugar; making you susceptible to sweet items. Since not every sweet item is made using artificial sugar, this means you automatically consume more calories whenever you pop a sweet food into your mouth.

Precooked Diet Meals

Many exercisers consider such meals to be the ideal option for a quick dinner or lunch. However, even such preparations should be avoided if you want six-pack abs. There always some amount of processing involved in preparing such food which makes them unhealthy.

Soda or Soft Drinks

Such drinks are loaded with empty calories that increase your weight dramatically. Soda and soft drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners that make you obese over time. Pure water is all you need if you want to really lose belly fat fast and achieve ribbed abs.

Whole Milk

Whole milk is rich in calcium but it is also rich in fat. Never consume whole milk if you are trying to tone your belly region. Instead, make skimmed milk or 1% milk an integral part of your how to get 6 pack abs fast diet. This milk has most of the fat content removed without compromising on the nutritional value.